Any info on breeding habits of wild gigas?

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Any info on breeding habits of wild gigas?

Postby Ectothermicfauna » Tue May 31, 2011 2:33 am

I have 6 blueys and 2 are indo (well nickel my silver could be merauke)With indos being mass imported and usually cranky, and therefore not terribly popular, i am having a hard time finding much info on them as wild beasties.

Im just curious with indonesia and papua new guinea having pretty much stable temperatures year round does any one know when their breeding season is?

With my northerns first brumation being planned it got me thinking,- Brumation seems an odd practice for something native to the equator. It may be weird to ask but does anyone here breed blueys from these locales and if so, do you brumate?

ps. im not intending the breed the two indos, just sex them by behavior


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