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Phidippus audax

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2021 1:09 am
by ThatOneReptileNoob
So I plan on asking this on Arachnoboards too, but I was wondering if (since reptile keepers seem to often like inverts too) any of you have kept a Phidippus audax? See, I’ve got one now, and it’s got this interesting splotch of white on its cephalothorax (or head, I just wanted to sound like I know what I’m talking about) that I haven’t seen in any pictures of the species I’ve been able to find. I’m fairly certain it’s a Phidippus audax though.
I rescued the poor thing from a pool noodle while it was floating in the pool, and so I’ve only had it for one molt. Coincidentally, that one molt was it’s adult molt. This little guy (he is indeed a guy) has gone through some interesting color changes in the less than a month I’ve had him. I swear up until he came out of his molt web as a fully grown adult, ready to get a job and buy a car, he was brown. Now he’s the typical black coloring, but again with this splotch of white on his head. Has anyone seen anything like this? I have a couple pictures since his molt, but really only one shows the spot clearly; the rest are really grainy.
If somehow anybody knows enough about jumping spiders to tell me if this is normal, then thanks in advance! If not, I kinda knew it was a low chance considering this is a forum for blue tongue skinks. :lol: