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How I have a love for animals

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:37 pm
by skinks101
I wanted to tell you guys information about me on how I began to have a love for reptiles. (or any animals)
It started when my mom's cousin showed my her reptiles and I really liked how they looked and how interesting they were. So when I was about 5 years old I got my very first reptile it was a bearded dragon. I think my favorite part of having a beardie is when he would come out of cage and play. Then one day we did not notice that he had gone into hibernation and we had fed him and the food rotted in his belly. It was sad because he did die, so we buried him in my yard. Then about 2 years ago I wanted another one for my birthday and actually I ended up with my very first snake. (corn snake) His name was Donut he is a cutie ( he is 2 1/2 years old) . After loving that snake I eventually got 3 more snakes.(I still have all of them) Well one of them I actually hatched out , that day was so cool. I remember when I woke up I checked on the snake egg and it had not piped out yet. Then a few hours go by and he pips his head out the egg.

When we moved to the country there were tons of animals in our yard. One time I went out to the shed and took some chairs out, in one of the chairs there was a mouse with a bunch of babies. My neighbors were over and the one helped me safely get the mom and babies outside. It was so hard to catch all of them at once. After we caught them all we put them into a field and the mom made a new nest!!!

When I went outside with my neighbors we were just wondering throughout my yard and then one of my chickens had something. It was a baby bunny,it looked to have been only about 3 weeks old or 2. So we got it an aquarium and did some research on how to care for it. The mom bunny had actually abandoned that baby. The other babies we found and left them alone. So we ended up going to the petstore to get some puppy milk(that is what the internet said to feed him) . So when we got home we fed him and he loved to puppy milk. Well when we go in my neighbor's yard we find one of the siblings dead. At least we helped the one baby. After a couple of weeks he went on solid foods such as grasses and veggies. One night he was making a lot of noise, in the morning I found that he was having seizures. He did die that day, we think it was because he may have had a sickness so his mother left him behind. Also we did try several times to put the baby back in the nest so its mom would come and get it. In the end we had him for a long time.
Give me a story that happened to you why you got into animals or reptiles. I hope you enjoyed!!!