Racks vs. Vivariums

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Racks vs. Vivariums

Postby DimetroDork » Mon Oct 12, 2015 12:28 am

So I put this here since I'm asking this question in regards to all reptiles - snakes, other lizards, anything - what are the pros and cons of tubs and racks vs. glass tanks? How many of you use racks?

A lot of people tend to say they are easier to clean and are easier to heat and save time and ect, ect. They sound good for the humans and all, but how do the animals seem to feel about it, based on their behavior? I would think almost any animal would dislike not being able to see their outside world and feel trapped or scared. Maybe some feel more secure, I'm not sure. Please do tell me from your experience what it's like, but from both animal and human perspective. Of course no one knows what their animal thinks and feels, but just based on your observations.

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Re: Racks vs. Vivariums

Postby splashy07 » Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:06 pm

Since I have moved my snakes to racks (had to for space reasons) they have been doing 100% better. They eat better, shed better, etc. (I keep dwarf boas and ball pythons) Thermostatically controlled by Herpstats, the temps never falter. A friend of mine keeps leopard geckos in racks with complete success. Many breeders keep blueys in racks too, I just don't because I like to see them and like them to see me. If I collect any more, will probably have to do so myself if I choose to keep a large enough group to breed. I don't have any experience with lizards in racks though. Most of the lizards I have kept need UVB and what not, but I don't see an issue with nocturnal types from what I've learned from friends.

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