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Postby Katrina » Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:13 pm Recommended Breeders List

Looking for a blue tongue skink from a breeder? Try contacting these sellers, either by clicking their name and sending a Private Message, or by any additionally supplied contact info:

Andrew in California:
Breeding Northerns, Easterns, and Tanimbars.
Website: SeikeReptiles

James in California:
Breeding Northerns.

Jeff in Arizona:
Breeding Northerns, Easterns, Blotched, and Shinglebacks. Also working with Tanimbars and Keis Islands.
Website: btskinks

Ray in Florida:
Breeding Northerns, Easterns, Irian Jayas, blotched, and Tanimbars.
Website: ThunderbayHerps

Zach in Oregon:
Breeding Northerns and Irian Jayas.

Susann in Utah:
Breeding Meraukes.
Send PM through this site for more info.

Austin (Scincoides) in Arizona:
Breeding Northerns, Irian Jayas, and Easterns, working with Meraukes, Indonesians, Kei Islands, and Tanimbars.
Website: Scincoides

Debbie in Virginia:
Breeding Northerns.
Website: DebsBlueTongueSkinks

Stacey in New York:
Breeding Northerns, working with Keis.
Website: OurBlueTongueSkinks

Cheryl in North Carolina:
Breeding Northerns, working with Easterns.

Melanie in Manitoba:
Breeding Northerns, Irian Jayas and Tanimbars.
Website: MelsExotics

Breeding: Northerns, and Eyeband Easterns, as well as: pink tongues, Cunningham's, and Australian tree skinks

Want to be added to this list? If you are a regular member of this forum and produce captive born and bred blue tongued skinks, please send your info via PM to Susann. Include what species you breed (and any you are working with, hoping to breed in the future) as well as contact information. We'd love to add as many breeders as possible to help people find CBB blue tongue skinks. Thanks!

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