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Postby greendale9061 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:39 am

Happy New Year Folks.

The first 2 weeks of 2018 has been super productive for me. Have managed to pair 70% of the collection this week, which is a huge sucess for me.

Every year I try something different with brumation to see if it makes any difference to breeding activity come Jan.

End of 2017 I did a 'soft' brumation. Lights & heat off in 1st week Nov until last week in Dec, but I kept the background heat higher this year at 17-18 degrees (mainly due to upgrade to the insulation and heating system in the house.)

Pairing so far

Irian Jaya
Tanimbar Island

Fingers crossed all paring are sucessful and I have all healthy litters in 2018.

I only had northerns born in 2017, so looking forward to having some indos this year.

Many Thanks for reading

2:3 T S Intermedia
4:2 T G Gigas
6:4 T S Chimerea
1:2 T G Evanescens
1:1 T Sp
2:1 Hybrids
lots of more skinks

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