New owner!! Mites?

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New owner!! Mites?

Postby hannah_ciara » Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:37 am

Hello! My name is Hannah and just last week I got a Indonesian BTS who I have named Scarlett. She is very timid and scared still but I think she might have mites from the previous owner/breeder. She just started eating for me yesterday, and today I noticed one small bug crawling around on her. I haven't found anything other than the one so far, but I cannot take her out and handle her with comfort until she conforms to me. So, my ultimate question is, is there any advice? I don't 100% think it is mites but there still is a chance.
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Re: New owner!! Mites?

Postby splashy07 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:17 am

I wouldn't wait too long, as one mite can turn into hundreds very quickly. If you have recently purchased your Indonesian he or she was more than likely a recent import, and they more often than not come in with mites. A visit to an exotic animal veterinarian is in order, and if it is mites you will have to completely break down the enclosure, sterilize, and start over. If you have other reptiles you best check them too, as those things can travel great distances for tiny bugs. They will cause your animal terrible stress and possibly disease. Act quickly.

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