Board Styles - Vote for which one you use!

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BB3 Mobi Style
Total votes: 52
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Board Styles - Vote for which one you use!

Postby Nae » Sun Jul 17, 2016 2:04 am

Why you may ask?

Cause I am trying to make everything pretty but each style must be done separately cause nothing is ever easy. And as such Im just wanting to hear what is everyone's preference so i know which style to prioritise.

What's this im blabbering about? If you go onto your user control panel > Board Preferences theres the option to select a board style, wooaahhh.

BB3 Mobi Style: A super low data using version of the forum. Good for phones
Black: A snazzy black and blue version of the forum
Elegance: A snazzy white and blue version of the forum
Prosilver: A ugly version of the forum that was the default and as such we are stuck with just having to have listed but Im going to pretend it doesn't exist and not pay it any more then the most meager of attentions unless mods tell me otherwise :wink: (Or it turns out that a majority like it :| )

Since it may take me some time to get through them, let me know which one you want prioritised just to help me make my decision and help you get a prettier forum quicker ;P

Nae~ =D
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Re: Board Styles - Vote for which one you use!

Postby Susann » Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:40 pm

Here are some screenshots showing you how to switch the style:




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