How to cat proof a commercial screen topped viv permanently

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How to cat proof a commercial screen topped viv permanently

Postby kingofnobbys » Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:19 pm

It is very easy - you can easily simply place a heavy piece of MDF or plywood overtop of the mesh lid , in fact since you have cats , I'd permanently remove and throw the mesh / screen lid away and replace it with a heavy hinged timber lid , anyone who is handy with DIYS carpentry can rig up a box frame to sit on the top the viv and onto which the solid timber lid's hinges can be fastened , the lights (basking globe and UVB tube can easily and permanently be attached under the new hinged lid
see this layout , is very simple and very basic - AND CAT PROOF !!

one or two of these boat Stretch loops & Buttons ... rom=571494
on the front of the lid will secure the lid and stop a determined skink from pushing the lid up enough to climb out .

1) cats can't get the lid open or get a claw under it or through it
2) the solid timber will hold heat in the viv ==> lower wattage basking / MVB globe will achieve same zone and basking temperature ==> lower power bills !
3) the solid timber lid will provide a solid platform from which to hang the basking globe & CHE (ceramic high temperature fixtures and safety cages) and the T8 or T5HO UVB tube and reflector hood
4) will promote a good thermal gradient rather than allowing all the heat created by the basking globe and CHE to escape (and pool at the ceiling of the room where the viv is housed).

The use of piano hinge which is the same length as the lid ensures the lid can't slip off or fall off .
The weight of a solid MDF or plywood lid and the stretchy rubber loops on the front of the lid will defeat a cat's attempts to get into the viv.

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