Respiratory infection?

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Respiratory infection?

Postby Bianca6 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:43 am

So first of all hello, I am new to this forum but not new to reptile keeping Im also a vet tech specializing in reptiles.
Aand here comes my question.
I bought a 2 year old T.gigas on Monday, since I live in Europe it is quite cold here, he was transported in a pillow sheet under my winter jacket via train (where it was 20 degrees Celsius ) , while in the train I only had his head out so he would not panic, I had my scarf over him so people wont notice him - he sneezed 2x , I thought it was nothing maybe just my scarf irritated his nostrils. I also noticed that slight physical movement makes his breathing heavy and during exhalation i hear a tiny bit of whistling but not always, I do not hear any clicking or rustling noise from his lungs , I also noticed a slightly stuffed left nostril and removed some what looked like discharge from his right eye. He does not do this when hes calm and undisturbed. All of these symptoms are only shown during handling hence he is still in excessive stress from everything and pees everywhere because of that. And I own quite a lot of reptiles that could be contaminated from him and that is what worries me, I live in a tiny apt so having a quarantine room is impossible. I bought some liquid ascorbic acid which I have given him.
Is it even possible for him to show all these symptoms in such a short period of time or was I sold a sick animal?
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Re: Respiratory infection?

Postby kayla990 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:18 pm

Hello - a question first:

So he was in a pillow sheet under your winter jacket.. were you wearing the jacket at the time (so was the skink receiving body heat from you?); while I wouldn't say it's a good method of transport.. in this case if there was no consistent heat source I'm pretty skeptical that there was a 20C ambient temperature (from living in Europe too). It's possible it would be much colder than expected. How long was the train ride/walking to a heat source?

I'm sure you're aware since your a vet tech, but it'd be better going for a carrier with a heat travel pack (as they can give 40+ hours of heat) with blanket on top; in case you need to travel again in a similar way.

The heavy breathing is likely from stress, as you mentioned. Again, going for the carrier route would be less stressful, as you can make it dark inside (less stimulus).

Sneezing can be quite common, it's possible it was from the scarf like you said. So this alone wouldn't be much concern for the moment, but the eye discharge seems a little off.

The whistling may be possibly from investigative noises - I believe not all skinks do it, but know ours also whistles when shes exploring something new (otherwise doesn't make these sounds). As always, keep a close check if it happens too frequently.

Can't comment too much for the quarantine issues, I'm assuming you already washing your hands (maybe use disposable gloves?) between handling/cleaning out your skink and your other reptiles.

While I would presume it generally needs more time for symptoms (such as discharge in the eye), can't say for sure. I would keep a close watch regardless, if they seem lethargic then seek out professional advice. It's possible when exposed to cold temperatures for a long time they can develop pneumonia.

Bianca6 wrote:I bought some liquid ascorbic acid

That's a new one for me - is it the one intended for people? I'd be cautious if so, as the quantities/concentration can be pretty high vs. a little skink.

And just in case you're not sure on the breeder/expo, feel free to share an image for ID confirmation of him being a T.gigas :)
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