Pest Problem in Crestie Enclosure

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Pest Problem in Crestie Enclosure

Postby Firebird » Tue Aug 12, 2014 2:17 pm

I am having an issue with my sisters crested gecko so I thought I might try to get some help here. I was put in charge of taking care of him while she was on vacation. The gecko is fine and everything, but I noticed that a bunch of little bugs have started to live in the cage. I am not sure where they came from or how to make sure they don't come back. I tried personally grabbing and squashing them, but I realized that there are too many for me to do that. They look like tiny yellow centipedes. I also found a larger black colored one in the tank. I tried looking up information on them, and the closest thing I could find were people having issues with dermestid larvae in their cricket enclosures. The bugs look a lot like those, but we have never fed the gecko crickets. He only gets repashy diet because he is a baby. Currently we are using coconut fiber as substrate and have a live potted plant in the tank. We are going to completely clean the tank and replace the substrate, but does anyone know what these bugs are and how to keep them from coming back?

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