Completely off topic. Anyone uses Mac?

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Completely off topic. Anyone uses Mac?

Postby AquaaAllure » Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:38 pm

I just bought my first Mac today for college, and I was wondering if I did an okay choice. I just switched from an Asus because Windows 8 was annoying and it was TOO big to be portable for my daily commute from college.
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Re: Completely off topic. Anyone uses Mac?

Postby jdheff1982 » Sun Jul 13, 2014 9:08 pm

I recently installed OSX 10.9.4 on my PC; AKA, a Hackintosh and posting from it now. As a long time Windows user, I personally think the dividing line between the 2 platforms is as close as they can get. OSX runs on top of Linux and doesn't have near the hardware support Windows because of Linux. Additionally, most Macs have extremely poor upgradability and usually require replacing every couple years just to keep up with new hardware/software requirements. PC's on the other hand, are generally much more forgiving with new hardware and most PC products can be upgraded beyond RAM and hard drives.

Up until the point Apple switched to all Intel hardware, Macs and PC's were separate entities. Now that Apple is using the same hardware standards as PC's, Macs are just another PC except they charge a lot more for them.

The Windows 8 platform isn't ideal for every PC. Granted, MS should have left the touch screen side to devices with touch screens. However, I've been using the OS since before it's release and have become accustomed to it. IMO, I like Windows 8.1 over OSX 10.9.4. The filesystem is much easier to maneuver through, One Drive is directly integrated into the OS and allows extremely easy transfer of files, installing programs on OSX is more of a hassle outside of the App Store (IE more steps to install a program than in Windows), I think the GUI in Windows is much more polished and looks crisp compared to OSX, not to mention the game support in Windows is superior to OSX. So far, only DirectX 9 is supported along with OpenCL.

Security between the two OS's is virtually the same. I have yet to have any sort of adware, malware, or virus implant itself in Windows 8.1. You will find the same on OSX.

About the only positive I have been able to gather is how OSX handles the hardware API versus Windows. Windows users have to use ASIO driver to get lagless performance from MIDI instruments. OSX doesn't have this problem natively.

IMO, the biggest negative for Apple is the App Store. Unlike Windows 8 App Store, Apple gives you two choices: Buy or Free. In Windows 8.1, MS gives you a trial option which is great. I love trying before buying.

When I was in college, I had a 1st gen Chromebook. For the $200 I spent on it, it did everything I needed: Internet, online file storage with access to a word processor, spreadsheet and other tools. I could watch Youtube videos on it and it had USB ports for external DVD drives. it even had HDMI output to hook to projectors at college. It was a lot of netbook for $200.

Really, what ppl buy to use as their computer is really a personal choice. There are fanboys/girls for every platform that will praise and worship their product and make the others look like the devil himself. If you did your research and was satisfied with the results, than asking "if I did ok" is moot.

Good luck with your Mac!
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Re: Completely off topic. Anyone uses Mac?

Postby joan » Mon Jul 14, 2014 8:24 am

Mac users will always tell you that you won't regret your purchase. :) did you also get an extended warranty? I have a friend who says it's win-win when you do that. Something about it lasting a few years and if/when it dies under warranty, you'll just get a new replacement of the latest version.

I don't run my stuff down nearly as hard though. I still use a 2007 thinkpad and I'll be using it til it completely dies. I only run linux though. I also have an iPod video from 2005 which still works, even though I keep hoping it dies so I can get a new one. From my limited experiences, Mac products hold up pretty well. Recently got an iPad mini and inherited a 2 yr old iphone so I expect these to last awhile too.

Enjoy your mac! You'll probably love it, unless you are a computer geek that loves to tweak and which case you can always dual boot linux. ;) these days, I'm way too lazy and I appreciate the ease and uniformity of my iDevices.
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Re: Completely off topic. Anyone uses Mac?

Postby Happy-Knight » Sun Aug 10, 2014 7:38 am

It highly depends on what you're particularly using it for. Do you like to play video games? Then you'll probably hate it because its limited in that aspect. They're not very sturdy either. An ideal laptop would probably be a PC gaming laptop as it can handle much more abuse.
If you're only going to use it for college then its OK,it does what it needs to do. I've been owning a Mac for practically three years, its starting to lag and glitch out a bit but otherwise it's ok- I think i just cleaned it up it'll be decent to use again. You basically bought a very overpriced laptop, but at least Apple provides decent customer service and you have a warranty to keep your laptop in good conditions.

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